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Daniel Herrera


County Law Director


The Conservative Choice to Defend Knox County’s Values

☆ Christian and Husband ☆ Graduate of Lincoln Memorial University ☆ Former Knox County Republican Chair ☆ Experienced attorney with over 500 court appearances ☆ Business owner with employees ☆ A Conservative Outsider


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Daniel Herrera - Experienced Attorney

who currently owns his own law practice with other hired attorneys and legal assistants. He has personally been in court over 500 times representing clients.


How Daniel Compares on the Issues

Republican Daniel Herrera will defend our conservative values and bring competency to the County Law Director’s office. See below to know how Daniel compares on the Issues that really matter.

Illegal Immigration

Daniel was born in the United States to Hispanic parents who legally came to the United States and now he is going to fight for and protect Knox County’s illegal immigration enforcement program.

Fighting Liberal Agendas

Has fought the liberal city of Knoxville government on high taxes, and will continue to go after it on illegal immigration and homelessness.

Defending Freedom

Daniel fought government mandates and sued the Knox County government for imposing mask mandates on fellow citizens and restrictions on businesses. He was one of the first attorneys in the nation to take legal action to defend our Constitutional rights.

We The People

Daniel fought the city of Knoxville RECODE efforts which violated property rights and is continuing to this day with multifamily housing being built next to single family homes.


Conservative Outsider 

Daniel is a conservative outsider who was elected chair in 2021 of the Knox County Republican Party. During that time he grew the party, raised more money, invested in organizing, and fought the liberals and radical left in the city of Knoxville. He brought the fight to them and gave them their biggest challenge in over a decade. He called out their radical leftist agenda by focusing on issues such as homelessness, high taxes, and crime.

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